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PMC Group offers a broad range of unique chemistries that can provide you with solutions to many of your needs for use in specialized agents, modifiers, engineered wood composites, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), particle board (PB), and high-pressure treated lumber. PMC Group’s complete line of water based defoamers find use in a multitude of elevated temperature and high pressure manufacturing environments. PMC Group’s wax emulsions are water based materials containing a dispersion of petroleum wax that prevent water and other liquids from penetrating a finished product while also improving its dimensional stability. The wax emulsions are beneficial in applications where release, scuff resistance, lubricity, or anti-blocking is a required property of the finished product or the manufacturing process. In addition, PMC Group offers a unique comprehensive line of new products that combine the demanding functionality required, along with the sustainability desired, based on renewable resources.

Our technical and sales team is dedicated to providing customer specific packages, and solutions, to your demanding applications and changing needs.

Our Products